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Strategic Partnerships

This week Patrick got to spend time in our advanced computer classes for MOHI graduates who are pursuing good data entry jobs available from our partners. One of MOHI’s supporters knew someone with a data entry outsourcing company in America. Now that company is training and hiring our high school graduates for good paying jobs.  Isn’t it wild how God uses our skills and passions?

What are you really good at and love doing? MOHI uses visiting partners with skills in firefighting, hairdressing, teaching, data entry, music, IT, social work, counseling, pastoral ministry, business, etc. to give life-transforming opportunities to people in our communities. How can you leverage your gifts to create opportunities for people?

New Bibles!

15871860_553784238154294_1158425125853448608_nAll 8th grade students get a Bible before they go to High School. Today my office has been busy handing out Bibles to these young students. Many of them, this is their very first Bible they have ever had. Pure Joy!

Special Needs in the Slums

14993446_528725703993481_9100093477088600597_nToday was a wonderful and very difficult day in the slums. Patrick and I have been blessed to be doing a few home visits in the Slums.

Today we went to visit a single mother and her son who has Cerebral Palsy. The mother is loving and strong and does everything she can to provide for her family. I’m so grateful for Amon who works with the disability program who visits this family often to show Jesus’s love to this family and offer encouragement and support for this beautiful family.

We are excited for our teammate Nikki to come back soon. She is currently raising support to return and serve in the disability program at Missions of Hope.  Support Nikki!

New Job Orientation

15003347_527998247399560_6001281676464883265_oToday was our first day touring some of the Hope Centers that we’ve never been to before. Since school is out for the year, we got to ask the staff lots of questions. We were inspired by the staff leadership!

Funny Story: When we were leaving one school, Katie was trying to connect with an elementary aged boy. Since he held a paper with some Swahili words on it, Katie pointed out some of the words she knew and translated them into English. A few moments later we found out the boy was taking an exam testing his Swahili vocabulary. Oops. #MissionaryFail