We can’t minister full-time in Kenya on our own.  We need a big team of supporters to commit to praying for us and financially supporting us.


Here are the big things to pray about. More timely detailed prayer requests will be shared on Facebook, Instagram and on our email newsletter. Sign up for that to the right.

  • Hannah – Please pray for her life as a Third Culture Kid and that she continues to thrive in Kenya.
  • Wisdom, Peace, and Encouragement – Pray that God will continue to give us wisdom in learning this culture, developing relationships, and figuring out our roles working along side our Kenyan coworkers.
  • Missions of Hope International and the Missionary Team – Missions of Hope International is the ministry lead by Kenyans that we missionaries help support.
  • Financial Support – Pray that the Lord will provide enough support for the ministries God has called us to.

  Financial Support

We spent a year telling our story to hundreds of people, mostly in Indiana, Ohio, and Maryland. It is very expensive to live and do ministry in Nairobi, Kenya, so we had a lot of money to raise. Over 160 families and 4 churches came on board and enabled us to fulfill our calling to move to Nairobi, Kenya.

Although we are spending under what CMF budgeted for us, we still are bringing in less support than our expenses every month. So we are still in need of new supporters and church partners to eliminate that gap! We are so thankful for the sacrifices others are making to invest in us and our ministry with these Kenyans. These donations are tax deductible and are accepted by CMF on our behalf.

Ready to start supporting us?  Click HERE to start now or share with us your contact info HERE and we’ll get in touch!

  Non-Cash Gifts

Donate Your Things
CMF has a great solution for people that have things they don’t need and want to get rid of them so that the value of them goes to support our ministry. We’ve even had two cars donated! Here’s how it works:

  1. You have an old car, camper, jewelry, stocks, property, gift cards, or cell phone.
  2. You visit CMF’s Non-Cash Giving webpage and enter the details of your item(s) to donate.
  3. You designate the gift to go to the Gerbers.
  4. The site will give you instructions to ship small items or they will come to you and pick up large items like vehicles.
  5. CMF’s non-profit ministry partner, iDonate, sells the item(s) and gives the proceeds to our CMF account.
  6. You get a receipt for your donation from iDonate.