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November 2015 Update

The last few weeks have been CRAZY for us! We’ve been in 4 states, told our story to lots of friends and strangers, went to 4 days of training on the style of ministry done in Nairobi, Commissioned by CMF and by our church, and had some work done on the house that had us living out of one room in the basement for awhile.


We have made lots of progress on gathering partners in the last couple of weeks! As of today we are over 50% of our Sending budget and at 20% of our Monthly budget! We want to get to Kenya early next year. So these totals are behind the pace for the GO date we’ve been praying for, but we are still celebrating each new financial support as it comes in, no matter what size. God is orchestrating it all!


  • This weekend we are speaking at Castine Church of the Brethren near Greenville, OH. This is Katie’s parents’ new church so we are looking forward to getting to know them better.
  • We are working on a new video for this Christmas season that we are very excited about. Pray that it starts a new Christmas tradition for people.
  • Pray for ordinary people like you and me to catch the vision for this ministry and decide to invest in the people of Kenya by supporting our ministry each month. That is our biggest need.
  • The house is getting close to ready so pray for home buyers!

THANKS for being on ‪#‎TeamGerbersGo‬!

Support Status Update 10/11

Getting to Kenya in early 2016 was always an aggressive timeline for raising our support. While we are still moving right along with that timeline, our financial support is behind where we hoped it would be.

We know that many people plan to support our ministry, but just haven’t started yet. Maybe that’s you. If so, now is the time to start! That would be a huge encouragement to us.

If we haven’t had a chance to tell you why we’re going, what we’ll be doing, or even how to give, let us know so we can hang out and catch up!

So prayer request #1 for you: Pray for people to commit to partner monthly with us financially to expand this ministry in Kenya.

Medical Prayer Request

CMF is VERY thorough during the application process, including a complete medical work up. Both Katie and I had one test each come back “elevated”. This could block us from the June training and set us back months or be nothing. A medical consultant from CMF will determine that soon. 

Please pray that there is nothing wrong and we can move forward. If there is something wrong, part of our testimony will be that these tests caught it early. Either way it’s in God’s hands.