Patrick and Katie are missionaries to Kenya with CMF International.
We moved to Kenya with our daughter, Hannah, in August of 2016.

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What do we do in Kenya?

Patrick’s Role

Patrick’s first role in Kenya used his skills and experience in Communication, Photography, Videography, Technology, Web Development, and Social Media to promote the ministries of Missions of Hope International (MOHI). This is a lot of what Patrick used to do for MOHI while working for MOHI’s ministry partner CMF International for 10 years.

Now he is helping lead a large initiative to role out computers in MOHI’s schools so students can learn these necessary skills. Computer skills will open up many new career opportunities for thousands of children. Like most of the world, jobs in Kenya are requiring more and more computer skills.

Patrick works in the IT Department to develop solutions for MOHI and trains the staff to use technology. Use of simple tools like email, calendars, Google Docs, task managers and even databases and apps enable our staff to reach more people with the Hope of Christ more effectively.



Katie’s Role

Katie works in the Spiritual Department of Missions of Hope International. She uses her 15 years of children’s ministry experience in America to help MOHI develop it’s discipleship programs to our kids and the adults in the community.

Katie develops age appropriate daily devotionals for teachers to use with their students in their classrooms.  She also helps oversee it’s monthly youth evangelism events for MOHI’s middle school students and their friends called, Ignite.  Katie also helps coordinate around 35 visiting teams a year who put on a VBS at one of our schools for our students.

Katie helps partnering Kenyan churches develop curriculum for their Sunday School programs and trains their volunteers on how to add fun, interactive tools to help teach the Bible to children.

Watch this video to see what our life is like.

Life in Kenya

We rent a home in a safe gated community. The house is plenty big enough to host visitors. We drive a Subaru Forester and a Toyota RAV4. Both are slightly modified for off-roading when the roads are awful in the slums or outside of town.

Hannah attends a great Christian private school for missionary kids and ex-pats called Rosslyn Academy. It’s taught by a lot of North American teachers and they teach American curriculum. It’s a beautiful campus with over 600 kids from over 60 countries! She’s very involved in student council, drama, and worship tech for chapel services.
Katie and Patrick both work out of the Pangani Center, the first and main campus of MOHI, located in the slums. Along with a school for 1000 students it houses five floors of offices for MOHI’s staff. We have fiber-optic internet at the office and our house so we are always connected for work, Netflix, or connecting with family and friends in America. We’ve lived here since 2016 and Kenya is very much home. We love it here!

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Our Ministry Teams

CMF International is a global missions team creating and growing Christ-centered communities in 24 countries.  Patrick first affiliated as a missionary with CMF in 1999 to travel to CMF’s fields to document the work and then that role quickly transitioned to a staff role that lasted for 10 years.  We had the honor of visiting Nairobi, Kenya back in 2002 while visiting the rural Kenyan church planting teams that had been in Kenya for decades.  This was when CMF was just starting to look into how they could help reach people in the huge slums of Nairobi.  As we’ve been back over the years we’ve seen first hand how God is blessing this partnership between CMF and Missions of Hope International.

We have the utmost respect for CMF’s leadership.  If you want to know more about CMF, please check out their website or read more about the CMF Kenya teams.

At Missions of Hope International (MOHI), we educate, empower, restore, and redeem disadvantaged children, families, and communities to transform lives through hope in Christ.

MOHI began its operations in 2000, with 50 children attending school in a tiny rented house in the Mathare slum. Today, MOHI provides a quality Christian education, medical care, nutritious meals, love, and encouragement to more than 18,000 children in 23 different Centers throughout Mathare Valley, other Nairobi slums, and in rural, remote villages in Kenya. Various ministries are designed to empower their parents with job skills or provide small business loans. Families and entire communities are being transformed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What God has done here through this “Hope Partnership” between CMF and MOHI is nothing short of a miracle!

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