Strategic Partnerships

This week Patrick got to spend time in our advanced computer classes for MOHI graduates who are pursuing good data entry jobs available from our partners. One of MOHI’s supporters knew someone with a data entry outsourcing company in America. Now that company is training and hiring our high school graduates for good paying jobs.  Isn’t it wild how God uses our skills and passions?

What are you really good at and love doing? MOHI uses visiting partners with skills in firefighting, hairdressing, teaching, data entry, music, IT, social work, counseling, pastoral ministry, business, etc. to give life-transforming opportunities to people in our communities. How can you leverage your gifts to create opportunities for people?

Gerbers in the Wild

After a busy summer we realized our year anniversary of living in Kenya had come and gone and you hadn’t seen or heard much from us.  So we grabbed the camera, went to a local park, and made a video to let you hear from and see us.  We also had a special announcement at the end.

If you missed it, we also published an email newsletter this week.

2017 #TeamGerbersGo Gear is in!

Summer weather has arrived (in the US)! Update your summer wardrobe AND help “SPREAD HOPE EVERYWHERE YOU GO“!

Our new 2017 #TeamGerbersGo shirts are out and available to order today! This year we also have adult shirts in Gray, Black, and White. We also have kids sizes, a mug, a tote bag, and a hoodie for us because Kenyan winter is coming!

Shirts are $20 and get cheaper the more you buy. SPREAD HOPE EVERYWHERE GO!  Go to our GEAR page to purchase.

Don’t Drive Here – Nairobi

You may have heard Patrick say he loves the challenge of driving here, or that it took Katie a few months to try driving, or that we get stuck in crazy Nairobi traffic. This TV show perfectly illustrates why driving in Nairobi is a major part of our lives. I edited together the highlights of the Nairobi episode of “Don’t Drive Here”. Enjoy this view into life in Nairobi, Kenya!

Saturday Morning LIVE 001

This weekend we tried something new to be able to interact with more you.  Skyping or FaceTiming is the best way we have to interact with faming and friends back in America.  We get to do that with family whenever we want and we LOVE it!  Facebook LIVE gives us the opportunity to do much of that, but with a wider audience.  It’s a candid, un-produced and un-scripted conversation at our dining room table.  It also gives you the chance to ask us a question about something you’ve wondered that maybe we wouldn’t think to share.  That’s great because things here are normalizing for us and we forget to share.

So here is a recording of our first Facebook LIVE session we are calling Saturday Morning LIVE.  Because of the time difference, we have to interact during your morning or early afternoon.  Most of you are working or going to church during those times.  So Saturday morning at 9am seems like the best time.  This LIVE session went an hour and 15 minutes.

Meet Virginia

This is the biggest production video I’ve (Patrick) made in years.  I’m a little rusty.  I do have a great team I work with here that I was able to collaborate with to make this happen.  We wanted to show the difference child sponsorship makes for a child growing up in the slums.  I also wanted to show enough hints at the holistic way MOHI does child sponsorship by including shots of feeding, health education, social workers, and economic empowerment for the parents.

Last week we released it on MOHI’s Facebook page and already it’s been viewed over 14,000 times.  If you would like to download the video, click here and when the page loads click the arrow pointing down to download the file.  There is also a version with a more general ending here.

Facebook Posts Now Here!

So there are a few of you that can view this site, but don’t have a Facebook account.  It is so convenient for us to post quick updates to Facebook, so it’s where the most updates end up.  Now, you can come to this updates page and the most recent Facebook posts will be in the sidebar to the right. 

Peace on Earth


Another great day on safari in the Mara. The Masai Mara is more than seeing lions eating a fresh wildebeest, a million zebras, or hunting down the elusive leopard. It’s about seeing God’s creation undisturbed. There is a peace that is hard to find elsewhere. It’s part of how we first fell in love with Kenya back in 2002, driving from CMF clinics to churches in Dan Crum’s Lancruiser. This weekend was a good reminder of that part of our story.